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The Neurocritical Care Society (NCS) Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) Course is a versatile course that is taken either online or in a live course/online course combination. Live ENLS courses can only be taught by certified ENLS trainers. Now in its second version, the ENLS Train-the-Trainer Course prepares these individuals to ensure quality delivery of the ENLS material in the live course setting. ENLS Trainer certification costs $25 and is valid for 4 years.

NCS is proud to have more than 800 ENLS-certified trainers. These trainers teach ENLS within their institution and/or at other institutions, workshops, or conferences. Click here to enroll today!

About the ENLS Train-the-Trainer Course

The ENLS Train-the-Trainer Course is an online activity that provides an overview of NCS policies and procedures pertaining to planning and teaching a live ENLS Course and includes the following topics:

  • Requirements for becoming a certified ENLS Trainer
  • Background of ENLS and an overview of certification statistics
  • ENLS course options and outline
  • Accreditation and certification requirements
  • Why ENLS is important for all providers in the emergency setting
  • Options for participating in the course
  • ​Steps for hosting a live ENLS course
  • How to market your live ENLS course
  • ENLS pricing and course materials
  • Process for hosting courses in a global setting, and the NCS Ambassador Program
  • Trainer responsibilities and resources

Eligibility Requirements for ENLS-Certified Trainers

To teach a live ENLS Course, an ENLS-certified trainer must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Current ENLS certification status (certification is valid for two years)
  2. Current NCS membership status
  3. Current Train-the-Trainer certification status (certification is valid for four years)
  4. CV that demonstrates previous teaching experience

ENLS Trainer Directory

ENLS-Certified Trainers with current eligibility have the option to be included in a searchable ENLS Trainer Directory. The directory is public and can be used by course organizers interested in locating faculty for an upcoming ENLS Course. To be included in the directory, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Current ENLS certification status
  2. Current NCS membership status
  3. Privacy settings set to “Public” for appropriate items within NCS profile (note: to edit, log in > Profile > My Account > Privacy Settings)

Please use the following link to view the Directory:

ENLS Trainer Directory

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