Host a Live Course


NCS is monitoring the activities of COVID-19 closely - please click here for the latest NCS updates.

The health and safety of our members and neurocritical care community remains our number one priority. Hospitals may continue to host live courses at their discretion. If you are not comfortable hosting a live course at this time, you may choose to host your live course on a virtual platform. For more information about hosting a virtual course, please click here.


Our team will gladly work with you to meet your needs - just let us know!

Since its release, over 550 ENLS live courses have been offered in 30 states and 30 countries!

The live ENLS course is an instructor-led training session that offers a robust introduction to each course topic. Participants who attend a live course experience an interactive environment and have the opportunity to engage with peers and draw on the expertise of faculty to further enhance the learning experience.

Step 1: Host Agreement

Live and virtual ENLS courses require a contract between the organizing institution and NCS; this is called a Host Agreement, and it's the best place to start because it will walk you through everything you'll need to take into account as you make your plans.

NCS ENLS Host Agreement

Once submitted, expect a 'next steps' email within five business days.


ENLS courses can only be taught by ENLS-certified trainers, and Hosts are responsible for faculty selection. All trainers teaching a course must be eligible to teach at the time of the course. Protocol for becoming a trainer, and current eligibility requirements, are outlined here.

While NCS recommends two to five trainers to cover the material, many courses have been done with just one, and several have had more than five. Trainers often work within the institution where the course is being taught. If a Host does not have ENLS-certified trainer(s) on staff, the ENLS training roster is a great resource for searching for trainers. Honorarium (if applicable) is negotiated between the Host and trainer(s).

Will Your Course Require an NCS Ambassador?

To ensure the success of ENLS courses held outside the United States or in conjunction with a national or international conference, it is the goal of NCS to have an NCS Ambassador in attendance for courses that meet the following criteria:

A course is affiliated with a professional association (eg an AANN chapter) or conference event (eg SCCM) with greater than 25 participants
-- OR --
A course is hosted by an institution or professional organization in a country outside of the United States for the first time (see our ENLS Statistics page for a current country list), and has greater than 25 participants

Live ENLS Courses that meet these requirements will be assigned an NCS Ambassador by the NCS Executive Committee.

Please see the ENLS Host Agreement for much more information about NCS's Ambassador policies.


ENLS courses that are open to the public benefit greatly from marketing efforts - a little bit of marketing goes a long way toward boosting registration numbers!

Please remember that while the Host may immediately prepare marketing materials, (1) marketing cannot occur until approval is granted by the NCS Education Office, and (2) all marketing materials must be approved by the NCS Education Office.

NCS's Marketing Responsibilities
Within one week of course approval, NCS will add the ENLS course to the NCS ENLS Course Calendar Page. In addition, if the course is open to the public, a Facebook event page will be created. Both will include a faculty list and registration information (if available).

Host Organization's Marketing Responsibilities
The Host will be responsible for any additional marketing efforts. These can include:
  • Registration site
  • Social media post(s)
  • Flyer
  • Email
Please utilize the following resources when creating your marketing materials:

Payment and Course Access

The Host is responsible for (1) collection of course fees from participants (if applicable), (2) arranging for timely payment to NCS, and (3) distribution of course-access information to all participants. The procedure is as follows:

Invoicing: One month before the course, Host provides NCS with (1) the number of ENLS and ENLS Recertification courses for physicians, non-physicians, and trainees; and (2) the number of ENLS Manuscripts (recommended but not mandatory!). NCS sends invoice to Host within three business days.

Note: ENLS Course fees are based on the number pf participants, their profession (ie, physician, non-physician, or student/residents/fellow), and the geographic location of the course. Specific pricing information is outlined here. In addition, if the Host is collecting funds from participants, NCS allows the Host to set the price so that they may cover any ancillary expenses (eg catering, venue, wifi fees, etc.). 

Payment: Host then processes payment. Options include credit card, check, or wire transfer.

Course access: Within three business days of payment, NCS sends course-access information for Host to share w/ participants. Host will also communicate w/ NCS if there are any late registrants to ensure they have course access (NCS will allow access but will send the second invoice for any late registrants after the course).

Follow-up: if applicable, a second invoice is processed.

Live ENLS Course FAQ

Who typically hosts a live course?

Live courses have been hosted by healthcare organizations, academic institutions, and professional organizations.

How long does a course last?

The material can be covered in as little as four hours, or as many as two days. It is entirely up to the Host to decide.

Who teaches the course?

Live courses are taught by certified ENLS trainers. Protocol for becoming a trainer, and eligibility requirements, are outlined here. Faculty may be recruited from within the hosting institution, and/or they may be identified by searching the ENLS trainer roster.

How much does it cost?

Pricing of ENLS courses is outlined here, and includes the following:

  • Two-year certification
  • Online access to course materials, including supporting manuscripts, protocols, checklists, and slide decks for each of the 14 modules
  • Up to 15 continuing education hours

Reduced group pricing is available for classrooms of 25 or more participants. Reduced pricing is also available for countries designated Group A or B by the World Bank.

Note: Hosts may charge participants additional fees to account for expenses associated with hosting a live ENLS Course.

Are there any additional course materials?

Yes. the following item is available for purchase in the NCS store:

What is the agenda for a one-day course?

Click here to view a sample agenda. You may customize your agenda to suit your audience! It's entirely up to you and/or your Course Director.

What are the Host's responsibilities?

The Host represents the hosting organization and is responsible for the following:

  • Procurement of course venue
  • Procurement of course faculty (and payment of faculty expenses, if applicable)
    • If a certified trainer is recruited to teach ENLS in a classroom format outside of their institution, Host Organizers are required to pay for the following:
      • Economy-class airfare
      • Hotel
      • Meals for two days
  • Arrangement for all necessary course equipment (e.g., screen, projector, microphone, and internet access, etc.)
  • All marketing efforts - click here to view the ENLS Marketing Kit. When creating your own promotional materials, in addition to adhering to the logo usage guidelines and use ENLS colors and fonts (found here) when possible, please send all materials to in advance of usage for review and approval.
  • Registration of course participants
  • Payment for each course participant (NCS will invoice the hosting institution)
  • Send course access information to course participants

Will my ENLS Course require an NCS Ambassador?

Some live courses will require NCS leadership. If a course is (1) affiliated with a professional organization (eg AANN) or conference event (eg NTI), and attendance is expected to be >25 participants, and/or (2) hosted by an institution or professional organization located in a country outside of the United States for the first time, NCS requires that the course have at least one member of NCS leadership in attendance as course faculty. Contact us for more information.

I have more questions!

No problem - feel free to contact us, and we'll help you get your course on the calendar!