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Click here for the application form

A completed application form is required for both Virtual and Live courses. The agreement must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the requested date. Upon successful submission of the completed application, the Host will receive a next step email within 5-7 business days. Due to the high volume of ENLS Live/Virtual Courses please email and please allow 24/48 for an email response. 



The host is responsible for trainer selection

Recommended number of trainers: 2-5

Trainer requirement

The trainer must be meet all below items:

  1. Active NCS Membership
  2. Valid ENLS Certification
  3. Valid ENLS Trainer Certification
  4. CV with NCS that demonstrates previous teaching experience

Click here to learn how to be an ENLS-certified trainer

Search for eligible certified trainers on ENLS Trainer Directory

NCS Ambassador

To ensure the quality of ENLS course training is met, an NCS Ambassador presence is required if at least one of the following criteria is met:

  1. A course is affiliated with a professional association (e.g. an AANN chapter) or conference event (e.g. SCCM) with greater than 25 participants

  2. A course is hosted by an institution or professional organization in a country outside of the United States for the first time(see our ENLS Statistics page for a current country list) and has greater than 25 participants

    NCS Ambassador will be assigned by the NCS Executive Committee.

    Should an NCS Ambassador is required to attend, or if you would like a facilitator to teach at your institution, Host must fund at minimum, the following:
  • Airfare (Economy Class)
  • Hotel
  • Meals

The exceptional case applies to an organization that is not able to fund the NCS Ambassador.
Reach out to us here.


ENLS Course fees are calculated based on the number of participants, profession, and geographic location.
The host is responsible for setting a price, collecting participants' registration fees, and distributing course material.


Group Size

United States &
Non-Group A/B Country

Group A Country

Group B Country

ENLS Certification
Physician 25 $165 $125 $37.50
Non- Physician
(RN, PA, EMT, etc.)
25 $85 $62.50 $20
Student, Resident, Fellow 5 $55 $37.50 $12.50

ENLS Recertification
Physician 25 $115.50 $87.50 $25
Non- Physician
(RN, PA, EMT, etc.)
25 $57.50 $42.50 $15
Student, Resident, Fellow 5 $38.50 $30 $7.50

Country List

Click here to access the list of Group A/B Countries, according to the World Bank

Payment Method

Self-Paced Invoicing

  1. Log in or Create an Account at NCS Website
  2. Access ENLS - Group Purchases
  3. Add the course to the cart
  4. Go to My Shopping Cart (top right), edit quantity, enter discount code
  • ENLS-GROUP for Physician & Non-Physician
  • ENLS-GROUP-SRF for Students
  1. Finalize Invoice by clicking check out to select payment options

Credit Card

Self-paced invoicing, Immediate payment verification
Process duration: Within three business days to receive a confirmation of the Group Purchase Course Code email.

Wire Transfer  

Self-paced invoicing or 3 business days invoice issuance upon course approval
Up to 3 business days of payment verification
Process duration: approximately 1.5 weeks from receiving the Group Purchase Course Code email.

USD Wire or ACH Transfer Information

Account Name: The Neurocritical Care Society, Inc.
Account Number: 2393794
Bank Name: CIBC Bank USA
Bank Address: South LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60603
ABA Number: 071006486

Check Mail-in

Self-paced invoicing or 3 business days invoice issuance upon course approval
Expect 6 weeks of mailing and check-handling time
*Not recommended if the course is needed urgently 
Process duration: approximately 7 weeks from receiving a confirmation of the Group Purchase Course Code email.

Mailing details

Neurocritical Care Society, PO Box 775263, Chicago, IL 60677-5263 (Standard Mail)
Neurocritical Care Society, Lockbox #775263, 350 East Devon Ave, Itasca, IL 60143 (Courier Mail)

After Payment

Within three business days, you will receive a confirmation of the Group Purchase email.
1) Course access instruction
2) Enrollment Code, if applicable 

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