Version 4.0 - Now Available!

ENLS Version 4.0 - Now Available

The Emergency Neurological Life Support (ENLS) certification course focuses on improving care during the first hours of contact for patients with acute neurological emergencies. The latest version, ENLS Version 4.0, was launched at the live course offered on October 18, 2019, during NCS's Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Since its launch in 2012, course content has been updated in 2015, 2017, and 2019. Version 4.0 updates include:

  • Updated content consistent with the most recent publications and guidelines (e.g., AHA's stroke guidelines, BTF's management of TBI guidelines, the evolution of the use of TTM, etc.)
  • Expanded or new sections for prehospital providers, nursing, and pediatrics
  • New management protocol section summarizing how the module is to be used
  • Updated/new tables, figures, and neuroimaging
  • New transport sections with sample scenarios to use when transitioning care from prehospital to emergency department (ED) and from ED to neurocritical care unit
  • Starred references in the bibliography section highlighting key papers along with a short description of their importance
  • Clinical pearls highlighting key takeaway points

This revised version of ENLS continues to provide an algorithmic approach to the early stages of clinical care for patients with acute neurological emergencies while meeting the educational needs of a variety of providers involved in neurocritical care. It also serves as a springboard for ongoing education and improvements in the quality of clinical care for these patients across the globe.

Version 4.0 FAQ

I am currently certified. How will this affect me?

Once uploaded, you will have immediate access to the new materials in your NCS OnDemand ENLS courses for the duration of your two-year enrollment. 

I need to recertify. When should I do that?

You are eligible to enroll in the ENLS Recertification Course 22 months after the date of your current certification. If you're within that window, or ANY time beyond it, click here to enroll. NOTE: anyone who has previously certified MUST enroll in the ENLS Recertification Course, regardless of the amount of time that has passed!

I last certified in 2012 (or 2013, or 2014, or 2015, or 2016 ...). Which course should I enroll in?

Anyone who has previously certified MUST enroll in the ENLS Recertification Course!

I don't know my certification date - how do i check?

Log in to your NCS account > click My Courses or visit NCS OnDemand > Profile > Certificates tab. Certification is valid for two years. Are you due?

I have a live course coming up. Which version will be presented?

Courses offered prior to October 18 will be using Version 3.0 slide decks etc. Courses held on or after October 18 will be using Version 4.0 slide decks etc.

I am a trainer. Will I have access to the new slide deck files?

Yes - the ENLS Trainer Portal will be updated with the new files as of October 18. (Remember: to access the ENLS Trainer Portal, you must be logged in and have both current NCS membership and ENLS certification status.)

Is the ENLS Recertification Course also being updated?

Yes - those enrolled in the ENLS Recertification Course will have access to the new materials at the same time as those in the first-time course.

I'd like to host a live course. What should I do?

Read through this page, then contact us!

I've never taken ENLS. What should I do?

Enroll now!