Certified Trainer Resources: Trainer Interview Series

Trainer Interview Series

Aimee AysenneAimee Aysenne, MD, MPH - ENLS Train-the-Trainer Task Force Chair, discusses important topics related to hosting an ENLS course and the importance of certification. 

History + Keys to Success of ENLS: What Every Trainer Should Know!!
Dr. Aysenne sits down with Wade Smith, PhD, MD, creator of ENLS, to examine the background and purpose of the program, including challenges and rewards in creating the program. They also review key items trainers of ENLS should know.

International Considerations + How to Be An Effective NCS Ambassador
Dr. Aysenne discusses teaching internationally with ENLS Ambassadors Sarah Livesay, APRN, and Susan Yeager, MS. The group talks about the differences in teaching ENLS in the U.S. vs. internationally, including tips for those teaching on a global scale. They also review how to work with the local course organizers before presenting and how to best operate as an ENLS Ambassador.

Why ENLS Is Beneficial for the Nursing Staff + Logistical Hosting Tips
Dr. Aysenne talks with ENLS instructor Audrey Paulson, NP, on the benefits for nurses in becoming ENLS certified, as well as the logistics on organizing the course and tips on making the course run smoothly on the day-of.

Why ENLS Is Beneficial for Pharmacists + How to Choose Faculty
Dr. Aysenne talks with ENLS instructor Chris Morrison, PharmD, on the benefits for pharmacists in becoming ENLS certified, possible modifications to make when teaching the course to a pharmacy audience, and how a course organizer can best choose ENLS trainers.

Live Course Planning Basics - What Every Host Organizer Should Know!!
Dr. Aysenne and Connie Hayden, ENLS Coordinator, discuss the timeline, process, and requirements of hosting a live course, including the particulars of the Host Agreement. They also review the ENLS certification process and helpful tips that have helped make other ENLS live courses successful.